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Dagmar Gerke, HAWK Hildesheim

"Spaces of Taiwan" - Master Thesis

Dagmar Gerke successfully completed her bachelor's degree in product design in Hildesheim and is currently working on her master's thesis on the topic of "Glass Memories". Due to the pandemic, many trips, workshops and excursions have been cancelled.

Dagmar Gerke writes: "I click through the folders of my vacation pictures and discover Tropical Deco, rough stone cliffs and tea mountains. I get particularly stuck on my trip to Taiwan. The shapes and colors in the pictures awaken my memories. I think myself back to Taiwan. (...)".

Photos: Louisa Heuter

Workshop "Sideboard


What works - and above all: What doesn't work? This was the motto of the first workshop at HAWK Hildesheim with students who were coming into contact with glass for the first time. Together with our glassmakers and the lecturers Andreas Schulz and Fabio Vogel, various production techniques were demonstrated to show the students what is important when working with glass. The material steel was used as a form-giving element.

In the next workshop, the students' first designs for the "sideboard" will be produced. The implementation of the project on site was supported by our foundation. The purpose of this foundation is, among other things, to support students working with glass as a material.

Svenja Bredehöft, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Spotlight on disreputable consumption

With her storage concept, Ms. Bredehöft wants to throw a spotlight on a rather disreputable consumption. Due to her observations in her own circle of friends, she became aware of how, for example, many women consume marijuana during their period in order to alleviate the associated (often very painful) cramps.

The utensils and cannabis are stored in old boxes in some corner. At the same time, however, a wide variety of high-proof spirits are given a place of honor. Sometimes even a display case is bought for all the bottles and the fine glasses that go with them. So their basic question was: why not dedicate a similar place to the consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes?

Photos: Bredehöft / Harzkristall

Dagmar Gerke, HAWK Hildesheim

Bachelor thesis "Glass & Haute Couture

Dagmar Gerke is a graduate of HAWK Hildesheim and participant of the 2nd Glass Design Competition of the Gerhard Bürger Foundation. The project study served as a set-up for Ms. Gerke's final thesis, which she worked on and successfully completed in the winter semester 2018/2019 with the topic "Glass & Haute Couture". For the theoretical part, Ms. Gerke researched regarding physical properties, techniques and different glass artists with a special focus on high fashion and then worked up the results in an analysis. For the practical part, Ms. Gerke created a collection of materials and explored different patterns, structures, surfaces, material combinations and/or color schemes.

Photos: Gerke

Bauhaus University Weimar

Glass laboratory

With the project "Glass Lab", the Bauhaus University Weimar created a new project in the fall of 2018, with which students could approach the product glass. The project was initiated as part of the Bauhaus semester at the art school. After an initial theoretical part and the visit of some archives on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the BAUHAUS, the beginnings of the Bauhaus history were to be reviewed. The participants were then able to work on their ideas in cooperation with local workshops. The practical part of the project began with a tour of the glass manufactory. Afterwards, the designed projects were implemented during a three-day production at the glassworks. The resulting objects were then presented in Weimar as part of an exhibition.

Photos: Bauhaus University Weimar

Jihye Kang


Jihye Kang is a former student of the Weißensee School of Art, successfully completed her master's degree in April 2018 and is now active as a product designer. From this context, her project "Kinetics" has emerged, which is sold as a unique piece in the glass manufactory Harzkristall. Ms. Kang had the unique opportunity to present her project at the "Talents 2019" during the "Ambiente" trade fair.

Photos: Kang

HAWK Hildesheim

Glass blocks rethought

As part of its foundation work, the Gerhard Bürger Stiftung cooperates closely with various universities in the field of art & design. With the HAWK Hildesheim, a special project was implemented in the winter semester 2018/2019 on the topic of "Products for the outdoor area". With a focus on the field of glass blocks, the aim is to create space-creating elements that have a high functional and aesthetic quality in indoor or outdoor areas.

In doing so, the students are to use the experiences of the spatial concept field "color" and redefine structures and surfaces for the glass block. The project is supervised by Fabio Vogel and Prof. Andreas Schulz.

Photos: Harzkristall

Röderhof Art Association


"GlasWerk" - under this four artists have worked and lived in October 2018 in the glass manufactory Harzkristall. The project is part of an art project of the Röderhof Art Association in cooperation with the Harzkristall glass manufactory in Derenburg. Project was supported, among others, by the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt and the Gerhard-Bürger-Stiftung. In addition to Ruzica Zajec and Nancy Jahns, Hans Hoge and Hagen Bäcker have realized various projects ranging from flat glass to elaborate sculptural objects in glass.

The Kunstverein's tradition of making the material the starting point of the artistic process was revived with this project. In addition to the workshops "Metal" and "Clay", there was the first glass workshop in Derenburg exactly 20 years ago. For more information on the Röderhof Art Association, visit

Photos: Harzkristall

Lara Bousch


Lara Bousch is a concept designer and bachelor student in industrial design at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. As part of the project "Tools for smelling nature", Ms. Bousch is planning a "Scent Parcour" in the botanical garden in Leipzig, where objects made of glass will be used as scent tools. With the help of the "Smellbubbles", natural plant scents can be intensively experienced. Along a scent trail, these bubbles will be used during guided tours to arouse visitors' curiosity. The Smellbubbles act like a bell and are placed above fragrant plants. The large opening of the bubble entices people to look inside, reach out and smell. Touching the plant releases the odor molecules, which then collect under the bell. This allows visitors to focus on the scents more intensely and for longer, as the wind does not blow the molecules away right away.

Photos: Bousch


Glass design competition

Since 2016, the Gerhard Bürger Foundation has been organizing an international glass design competition in cooperation with the Harzkristall glass manufactory. After the first competition on the theme of "Lighting", the 2018 theme was "House of Glass". The 2017 competition was endowed with a total of 3,500 euros in prize money and was very popular.

In total, more than 50 students from Germany, Poland and Finland participated. On June 8, the winners were chosen at a festive award ceremony. The winners of the 2nd Glass Design Competition come from Finland. In their project "Orbit", the designer duo Jukka Hokkinen & Heikki Konu created various objects from just one mold. With this "smart" development process they could convince the expert jury.

Photos: Harzkristall

Frida Nottrott

Field study Verdun

The project is about the artistic examination of historical war traumas. The project with the working title "End of Myths - Field Study Verdun" is an exhibition in the Lyonel Feininger Gallery in Quedlinburg. This opened in November 2018 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. A group of artists worked on this project. Ms. Nottrott primarily translated her ideas into porcelain. However, part of the project was also to be implemented in glass. Thus, 100 rotationally symmetrical points in clear glass were produced in the Derenburg glass manufactory Harzkristall, which were installed on the work of art. The artist's project was supported by the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt, the Kloster Bergische Stiftung and the Gerhard Bürger Stiftung.

Photo: Nottrott